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ED100 Labelling Machine

Pharmaceutical tray labeller

Output - up to 10 per minute

Range - Label on long or short edge

Operation - Semi auto / product switch

For a low cost, these semi automatic compact labelling machines at least double output and remove the awkward process of labelling trays by hand.

Built in stainless steel to a high specification and small footprint, the machine will apply labels in a consistent position and always at the correct end of the tray.

For this purpose, the stainless steel jig is designed to the shape of the tray eliminating any misplaced labels and a built-in start switch allows for a quick 3 second per tray operation.

The Sessions ED tray labeller can be adapted to take any form of MicrotiterMicrowell or Microplate type tray and be combined with a thermal transfer printer and labels for complete process if required.

ED100 Semi Automatic Labelling Machine.jpg

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