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RC30 Labelling Machine (horizontal)

Wrap round

Output - up to 60 per minute

Range - 10 to 35mm diameter

Operation - Automatic / step conveyor

Option - In-register labelling

The RC series of automatic labelling machines has been developed for use in many industries.  This versatile machine is designed to apply self adhesive labels to small diameter round products that will not stand upright on conventional conveyor systems.  Typical products that have been labelled are ampoules, vials and test tubes through to disposable syringes, pencils, batteries and collapsible tubes.  Having quick change product wheels for many different product types, labelling speeds up to 60 per minute and the option of thermal transfer printing for additional label information, these versatile machines have proved to be highly successful across the world. 

The RC30 can also be adapted for in-register labelling.  This process is perfect where tubes are crimped after labelling ensuring information is displayed correctly at POS.  

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