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Wrap Round Labelling Machine

Round products

Output - up to 50 per minute

Range - 25 to 80mm diameter

Operation - Semi auto / belt conveyor

The Wrap Round Labelling Machine from Sessions Label Solutions Ltd is the perfect solution for small production runs, designed to label round products such as bottles, jars, and more. With its compact size and simple setup, this desktop machine is ideal for smaller businesses or production units looking for an efficient and cost-effective labelling solution.

Key Features

  • Output: Up to 50 products per minute
  • Range: Suitable for products with a diameter of 25mm to 80mm
  • Operation: Semi-automatic with a belt conveyor system

Benefits of the Wrap Round Labelling Machine

High Efficiency

The Wrap Round Labelling Machine can label up to 50 products per minute, helping you increase productivity and meet higher demand without compromising on quality.


This machine is designed to handle a wide range of round products, with diameters from 25mm to 80mm. Whether you are labelling bottles, jars, or other cylindrical items, this machine can handle it all.

Ease of Use

With a simple control and setup process, changing product sizes is quick and easy. This makes the Wrap Round Labelling Machine highly adaptable to different production needs.


Its low cost makes it an ideal option for smaller businesses or production units. You get a high-quality labelling solution without breaking the bank.

Use Cases

Beverage Industry

Label bottles of water, juice, or alcoholic beverages with precision and efficiency. The machine’s versatility allows it to handle various bottle sizes and shapes.

Food Industry

Perfect for labelling jars of sauces, jams, and other food products. Ensure your products stand out on the shelves with professionally applied labels.

Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

Label bottles of lotions, shampoos, and other cosmetic products, as well as pharmaceutical bottles, ensuring compliance and clear product information.

The Wrap Round Labelling Machine from Sessions Label Solutions Ltd is a versatile, efficient, and cost-effective solution for small production runs. Its ability to handle a wide range of round products, combined with its ease of use and low cost, makes it the ideal choice for small businesses looking to improve their labelling processes.

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