Flat Carton labeller

Flat Product Labeller

The system shown right was designed for the application of double sided self-adhesive labels to a flat matrix sheet of Christmas gift tags. Speeds of 10,000 sheets per hour were required with 5 labels to each sheet and accuracy a must, this was a demanding specification.

Two Germark Spectrum labellers were used in a tandem configuration with a vacuum conveyor and intermittent feeder. The end result is a high speed, accurate stack to stack system which can be used on numerous flat card applications.

Shown right is a special purpose machine designed to both ‘print and apply‘ labels to both sides of euro hanger cards at speeds of up to 100 items per minute. Bar codes and foreign text can quickly be changed with Sessions Label Solutions software package. Flat products come in various types. These are just a few of the methods devised by Sessions Label Solutions to handle, feed and space some of these many types of products.

Change-over System

For the customer who requires high speed, non stop label application, Sessions answer is their ‘partner relay format’.

The system is in use in many print and lithographic lines where speeds well in excess of 100 metres per minute are the norm.

Downtime for label renewal is nil as the system has a unique relay device which alternates the application of labels between the twin heads allowing label reel renewal on one unit whilst the other takes care of the labelling.

Speeds in excess of 25 labels per second have been successfully achieved.