Semi-automatic desk top security tag applicator!

Statistics show an increase of 10% in losses incurred by the retail industry due to shoplifting.  These losses are passed on to customers by the way of price increases. To combat shoplifting, retailers utilise many methods to deter thieves.

One of the most effective anti-theft deterrents is the use of the visible Acoustic Magnetic Tags (AM).

Sessions UK have developed a most innovative application machine for applying Acoustic Magnetic (AM) tags to a wide range of products of varying shapes and sizes.

From a 13 amp supply, the TagMatic can be footswitch or hand operated.

The picture above shows the TagMatic integrated into a work station where product changeover can be achieved in seconds with the quick set X-Y adjustable jig.

It is also possible for the TagMatic to be integrated into a fully automated packing line.


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