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LT80 Auto Component Labeller

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The scope

Sessions UK were requested by a leading quality car parts manufacturer to supply a semi-auto labelling system to print and apply labels to chassis components for luxury vehicles. The scope was to supply a machine that was easy to use, operator reactive, secure, safe and efficient in operation. After in-depth project discussions with our customer the design of the machine was agreed and manufacture begun. The machine was built and supplied to a tight two month schedule with all operation checked during build time and FAT test before delivery to site.

The Machine

Based around our LT80 print and apply system the machine was designed to apply labels to three types of shaped chassis components. A versatile jig system with product sensors was the key feature to simple operation without incorrect component being inserted. Using the interactive touchscreen display, the operator simply selected the correct component which automatically called the correct label design, then inserted the component into the jig. Prompted by the display, the component was pushed forward through safety light curtains to start the process and check the component type, if correct the label was automatically printed and applied to the product, scanned by a Datamatrix code reader and if all ok was removed from the jig through a pallet beam sensor to confirm completion of operation and count the components labelled. If at any point the process failed the system would lock out, alarm and wait for supervisor to reset by keycode operation.

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Sessions supplied a fully controlled, safe and efficient machine to exact customer specification. The machine works in an industrial environment with consistent reliable production output on a daily basis.