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A fantastic case study from our friends over at Nidhoggr Mead Co

They first came to us looking for a labelling solution for their locally brewed mead bottles and after changing the shape of their bottles, were struggling to get the labels in the correct place.

We recommended a Bottlematic 10V desktop labeller and were able to customise this for them to fit their exact specifications for their new bottle shape, helping them to speed up production time and avoid any misaligned labels on bottles. In addition to this, we were also able to supply the labels for their bottles and still do to this day.

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Core range line up wide

Our business first started as a result of travelling across Australia, researching for a whisky blog for friends back home. After being inspired by the ingenuity and determination of the Tasmanian whisky distillers, we made it our mission to bring this ethos back home – and from this, Cooper King Distillery was born.

Over the last few years, we’ve sourced local ingredients and worked hard to create sustainable spirits, from a self-built distillery powered by 100% renewable energy. Over the years, Cooper King has grown and developed; we now have well-known stockists across the UK, including John Lewis, Selfridges & Co, Booths, Ocado, Fenwick and Master of Malt.

We first reached out to Sessions in the early days when we were initially setting up production; we have used them ever since for our bottle labelling solutions. We purchased a Bottlematic 10/2 bottle labeller and were recommended this particular machine because of its ability to apply labels both front and back.

It was important that the labels were perfectly placed in relation to each other. Not only did the recommended machine from Sessions exceed our expectations with regard to label alignment, but also allowed us to massively speed up production times.

Since then, we have always maintained a positive working relationship with Sessions and they have always been on-hand to offer expert advice when it comes to labelling or printing queries.


Denison Pharmaceuticals is a contract manufacturer and packager of a wide variety of OTC, cosmetic, and Rx products. When the need arose for a labeling machine we didn’t look very far for our solution.

We have been running a Sessions labeller for a number of years and have put millions of cycles on the machine. Downtime has been minimal and factory support excellent. As a result it was a logical step to look to Sessions to fill our new need. We ordered a new RC30. Sessions were flexible and factory installed an Allen hot stamp unit and a Keyence vision system on the machine.

Communication throughout the project was excellent and the machine was delivered on schedule. Upon arrival, the machine was easy to install and startup. Currently it has been in production for about a month with no major issues.


We turned to sessionsuk when looking for plain white labels with gamma (detex) dot pre-applied.

We explained our requirement and they covered every angle in ensuring that our specification was met.

Dot placement was crucial for our application on the label so we were sent a roll of sample labels so that we could run some trials. These trials proved to be successful and we took the next step of placing our first significant order.

The customer service was excellent throughout the sourcing process and the understanding of what we required was understood from the beginning which in turn made for a very quick and seamless transition from our old labels to the new.

Sean, Micro Hydraulics Ltd.


Pickmere nurseries is the largest grower of herbaceous perennials in the North of England with a huge selection of over 1200 varieties.

When we experienced a number of issues with our previous label supplier, namely labels fading and peeling off, we decided to give Sessions UK a call. Known for their quality and attention to detail, from the very beginning Sessions UK have worked with us to provide the exact label spec for our needs.

Our labels can be outside for up to 18 months, they need to be colourfast – mark 7 on the Blue Wool scale, UV light stable and have an inprintable varnish coating.

We are extremely pleased with the service and the end result provided by Sessions UK. Now we have a label to be proud of and we look forward to working together into the future.