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Pick and Place Medical Component Labeller

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The scope

Sessions UK were requested by a leading high level systems automation manufacturer to supply a semi-auto labelling system to apply special seal labels to medical components with high accuracy placement. The scope was to supply a machine that was easy to use, operator reactive, efficient in operation and incorporated into a product handling system. After in-depth project discussions with our customer a prototype was designed and tested to prove accuracy, final design of the machine was agreed and manufacture begun. Three machines were built and supplied to a tight three month schedule with all operation checked during build time, FAT test before delivery to site and incorporation into a special purpose handling system.

The Machine

Based around our Pick and Place high precision label apply system the machine was designed to apply three types of special purpose seal labels to personal medical components. With a need for high precision application within +/- 0.2mm using non conventional thin surface labels the machine had to be developed to dispense the label material without faltering. Three dispensing machines were supplied into each handling cell and each label was dispensed onto a waiting vacuum plate for application to the component by robot arm within the handling system.   The key to success of this application was the constant tension unwind system giving high precision presentation of the label at the dispensing edge using linear electric motors. Sessions UK worked closely with our customer to provide another specialist label application.

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Sessions supplied a fully controlled, safe and efficient machine to exact customer specification. The machine works in a clean manufacturing environment with consistent reliable production output on a daily basis.