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Most common mistakes when applying labels


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Labels are an important part of your product’s design but they can also be one of the most difficult to get right.

The following common labelling mistakes are all easy to avoid but if you don’t pay attention to them at the start of your label design process, they can cause major headaches later on down the road.

Key Information Missing

The first mistake is not including key information on your product. This can be anything from the ingredients list to the country of origin but it’s important that you’re including all of this information in order to avoid any confusion for consumers.

Incorrect Grammar or Spelling

It’s important that you use proper grammar and spelling when designing labels for your products. Any mistakes can give a bad impression and potentially deter customers from purchase.

Unclear Text

Unclear text is one of the most common mistakes in labelling. It can happen when you’re designing a label or it can be caused by incorrect text size or poor print quality.

Wrong Label Design

Label design is aimed at making the product attractive and giving a good shelf presence but it’s important to make sure all the relevant information is included. A product label could be full wrap, front and back or part wrap with the front section displaying the product type and the rear section showing ingredients or related information.  If there is too much information, a multi-layer label may be the answer as often used for pharmaceutical products.

Wrong Adhesive or Material

Depending on product, it’s important to decide which adhesive is most suitable – permanent, removable, cold storage, high temperature. Adhesive must be selected before label production and tests may need to be carried out first. The same applies to the label face material – paper or synthetic which may be affected by product environment.

Label Application Process

Product shape and design is of high importance for label application. A product that is pleasing on the eye is not necessarily easy to label. Flat sided and round products are generally easy but more thought must be given to tapered or unusual shaped products when quantities are high and machine application may not be possible.


Errors in labelling can be a frustrating process and sometimes be an expensive problem to rectify resulting in lost stock. Here at Sessions UK, we offer a full over-Labelling service, which has proven to be a cost-effective labelling solution. Information on pre-printed label stock may have changed and can be corrected using a cover-up label. Our service can save you money on reprints.

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