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4 things to consider when you are looking to label your bottles.

Sessions UK are one of the top UK bottle labeller suppliers and we pride ourselves on making sure your labels are correctly and consistently applied. However, there a few things you must consider as a company before any decisions about labels and applicators are made.

1. How do I choose the right label size and shape for my bottles?

To get this correct, you not only need to know the correct size of your bottle but also make sure you include all the relevant information, before then exploring what size labels to use.

A tailor’s tape measure can be used to measure the area of the bottle where label/labels will be applied. If you are selling beauty or drinks products, then you might need room for a second label on the back to include information that is required by law. Or it could work out cheaper to have one label which wraps around the bottle and includes the front and back information.

Always remember that the area where the label will be applied will need straight sides without any ridges or bumps.

You may want to make an impression with your bottle by choosing a unique shape to make them stand out but this may make label application more difficult, tapered bottles been a case in point.

At Sessions UK, we provide a large range of label sizes. The label shapes best suited to bottles tend to be oval, rectangle, plaque or straight oval in a ‘portrait’ position.

2. Which material is right for my bottle labels?

There are more options than just paper when it comes to the label material. Whether your labels are for plastic containers or glass bottles, Sessions UK can offer a wide range of self adhesive materials which could potentially be more suited and offer a more professional look.

You also need to consider the practical aspects of your labels including the logistics and storage. How water resistant and durable would you like your labels to be? Are they subject to hot or cold temperatures? Once they are displayed do you want people who handle your bottles to be able to feel the label? This will require visual, durable and tactile qualities.

3. How easy is it to design my own bottle labels?

There are online design tools that are available that can help you see exactly what your design will look like on the label and will allow you to play around with different shapes and sizes. It should also guide you as to where the edge is and give you clear indication of the ‘safe zone’, ensuring you don’t accidently cut off part of your label.

If you are looking for a ready-made design, there are also online tools that offer templates to get you up and running. These can easily be accessed from a quick Google search.

4. What is the best way to apply my labels?

When you’re ready to start thinking about the best way to apply your labels, you need to consider the amount of stock that is going to need labelling. You can apply them all by hand but this could be extremely time consuming and take up time that could be better spent elsewhere.

To speed up the process you may want to consider buying your own bottle label applicator and depending on your budget, Sessions UK can help you choose.  Our range starts with a manual desktop labeller such as the ML100 then progresses to the Bottle-Matic – these machines offer a more accurate solution than applying them all by hand. However, to speed up the production time even further, you may look to purchase an automatic bottle labeller such as the RC30 or a Mini Round Labeller to help you streamline this process.

Here at Sessions UK, we offer a wide variety of labelling machines and can also supply all your self adhesive labels so if you prefer a one-stop shop we would love to hear from you. To find out about our UK bottle labelling services, contact us today.

You can also see our full range of bottle labellers here: https://sessionsuk.com/product-category/semi-automatic-desktop/