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Pharma Labellers and their vital role in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is a critical sector where efficiency, safety, and compliance are not just goals, but absolute necessities. Pharma labellers play an essential role in ensuring that these standards are met consistently and effectively.

GTL100 Tube Labeller Labelling Machine

GTL100 Tube Labeller Labelling Machine

Compact desktop tube labelling system

Print and wrap round

Range - 10 to 20mm diameter

Operation - Semi auto / product switch

RCP50 Bottle Labelling Machine

RCP50 Labelling Machine

Print and wrap round

Output - up to 20 per minute

Range - 10 to 60mm diameter

Operation - Semi auto / footswitch

ED100 Semi Automatic Labelling Machine.jpg

ED100 Labelling Machine

Pharmaceutical tray labeller

Output - up to 10 per minute

Range - Label on long or short edge

Operation - Semi auto / product switch

RC30 Bottle Labelling Machine

RC30 Labelling Machine (horizontal)

Wrap round

Output - up to 60 per minute

Range - 10 to 35mm diameter

Operation - Automatic / step conveyor

Option - In-register labelling


Light Touch LT80 Labelling Machine

Flat products

Output - up to 30 per minute

Range - 20 to 100mm label size

Operation - Semi auto / footswitch

The Importance of Compliance and Precision

In the world of pharmaceuticals, every detail matters. Packaging and labelling are no exception. Pharma labellers are designed to handle the specific requirements of this sector, including the need for serialisation, aggregation, tracking, and tamper-evident features. To keep pace with these demands, labelling systems offer adaptability through modular designs, allowing for swift adjustments in response to evolving industry standards.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Safety is paramount when it comes to pharmaceuticals, as any mislabelling can have serious consequences. Today’s labellers come equipped with advanced control systems, such as sensors and cameras, to ensure accuracy and prevent errors. They employ various printing technologies, from hot foil to thermal transfer, to guarantee that vital information is printed clearly and indelibly.

Pharma labellers must adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to maintain product quality and meet the stringent regulatory compliance standards set forth by governing bodies. The labelling process includes thorough verification steps, such as label and outsert inspection, and incorporates systems for rejecting any non-conforming items to ensure that only correctly labelled products reach consumers.

Customisation and Adaptability

One size does not fit all in the pharmaceutical industry. Labellers are fully customisable to meet specific requirements, such as the type of containers used, production speeds, and environmental conditions. They can handle a range of labelling tasks, from applying labels on small vials to large containers, and even complex tasks like applying outserts with detailed drug information.

Technological Sophistication

Pharma labellers are at the forefront of technological integration, using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), AC Brushless Servo Drives, and touch screen interfaces, all aimed at providing user-friendly, reliable, and precise control over the labelling process. These machines are designed with the capacity for user maintenance, avoiding the pitfalls of proprietary ‘black box’ technology.

Meeting Stringent Information Requirements

In regions like the UK, government regulations dictate the inclusion of specific information on pharmaceutical labels, such as the medicine’s name in braille, strength, route of administration, and dosage instructions. Pharma labellers must be capable of incorporating all required information accurately and legibly, adhering to legal mandates and facilitating patient safety.

Support and Service

With such high stakes, service and support for pharma labellers are critical. Providers offer personalised consultations, technical support, and tailored servicing schedules based on machine usage to ensure optimal performance and minimal downtime.

Continuous Improvement

The industry’s commitment to progress is reflected in the continuous efforts to improve the efficiency of labelling machines, reduce setup times, and enhance user experience. By doing so, pharma labellers not only keep up with the industry’s stringent requirements but also contribute to the overall productivity and success of pharmaceutical companies.

In conclusion, pharma labellers are indispensable assets to the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring that safety, compliance, and efficiency are upheld throughout the packaging process. Their adaptability, precision, and advanced technological capabilities make them essential for meeting the rigorous demands of drug labelling and packaging.

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